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Miaozhen Invests in MaLogic

Time:Dec, 2017

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BEIJING, Dec. 11, 2017 -- Miaozhen Systems announced it is to take a stake in MaLogic, a tech-based consulting business firm. Miaozhen and MaLogic will work together to develop advanced technologies for video analysis and image recognition, in order to track the entire consumer pathway from initial contact through to purchase , and to integrate online and offline data sources to provide real-time data support to create big data marketing solutions for the retail industry.

The technique combines the results from consumer behavior analysis with multidimensional data to guide the optimization of stocking strategies in retailing, precise ad serving, lowering costs of production, supply and marketing, increase overall ROI and promote rapid business growth.

MaLogic is a tech-based consulting business company co-founded by Eliza Wong, former CEO of Synovate Greater China, and Royce Yuen, former Ogilvy HK Chairman.

Founded by Wu Minghui in 2006, Miaozhen Systems has been growing its business substantially through geographical expansion, acquisitions and strategic investments. Miaozhen devotes itself to promote the development of data and technology in marketing and provide advertisers with integrated solutions based on data technology and marketing strategies and enable enterprises realize data-driven growth.

“We are extremely pleased to team up with Miaozhen which is a proven industry leader,” said Eliza Wong, Co-CEO of MaLogic. “We will be co-developing some exciting IP products that are intended to empower clients to fully leverage the latest technology for more effective business and marketing management.”

 “MaLogic is a company made up of outstanding leaders with tremendous industry experience,: our vision is to be the driving force of data and technology in marketing field leveraging our combined advantages." said Wu Minghui, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Miaozhen Systems.

About MaLogic

MaLogic is a professional services firm with a mission to help companies and executives to enhance performance and create value. It focuses on market insights and intelligence, advance brand management, big data analytics and customer experience strategies.

The MaLogic management is a group of like-minded professionals who are proven industry leaders in their respective domains. With diverse knowledge and experience, MaLogic  delivers customized solutions to corporations which are confronting fresh challenges in this rapidly changing market environment.

About Miaozhen Systems

Founded in 2006, Miaozhen Systems is the leading third-party marketing data technology company in China, concentrating on more efficient corporate marketing based on the objective data and innovative technology solutions.

Clients cover more than 2,000 brands in the FMCG,daily chemical, catering, pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, electricity and other industries. With more than 65% market share, Miaozhen places emphasis on continuous innovation and it is also the major contributor for national advertising standards in China.

Miaozhen Systems provides a total digital marketing solution Miaozhen Marketing Cloud, which integrates ad tracking, budget optimization, insight, DMP, programmatic ad serving and marketing automation, to help clients to improve their returns on investment.