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BSH Group Launches Its First-party DMP with Miaozhen Systems



NANJING, Jan 10, 2018 –BSH Home Appliance Group has announced the launch of its first-party DMP (data management platform) developed by Miaozhen Systems. The announcement was made during the ceremony entitled “Big Data Enabled Consumer Insights and Growth”. Roland Gerke, Chairman and President of BSH RGC, Christof Jaeger, SVP for Marketing BSH RGC and heads of business units from BSH Home Appliance Group, as well as Albert Sim, SVP of Research and Consultancy, Miaozhen Systems and Dr. Lu Heng, Head of Miaozhen Marketing Cloud, were present at the ceremony.


Following the completion of the DMP, BSH Group will be able to build its first-party tag system to convert its massive trove of unstructured data into structured records. This approach will help the group gain better consumer insights for both its Bosch and Siemen brands, in an effort to improve its programmatic campaign performance, enhance marketing efficiency and increase ROI as a whole.

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Christof Jaeger, Senior Vice President for Marketing BSH RGC, BSH Home Appliance Group,

reacts to the tags displayed on the board: You really know what I want.

In his opening speech, Christof Jaeger welcomed the collaboration with Miaozhen while Albert Sim and Dr.Lu Heng each shared their views on the company’s expertise in DMP. Having spent over 20 years in market research and consulting, Albert Sim shared his take on three emerging trends in digital marketing: multiple touch points in a consumer decision journey, booming platforms and contents and multi screens experience.

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Albert Sim, Senior Vice President of Research and Consultancy, Miaozhen Systems,

shares his perspective on the differences between the 4A model and the 5A model. 

These trends reflect the fragmented nature of the publisher network in China, as well as the challenges in consumer insight studies for brands, Albert Sim said. Fundamentally, Albert Sim believed that a multidimensional database cannot be more important in marketing. However, he emphasized that a traditional approach that relies on designed data creates confusion and biases. Instead, he suggested using organic data as a better approach in understanding consumer insights. This requires a multidimensional data analysis, to consolidate designed data and organic data, in order to achieve a more desirable marketing outcome.


Meanwhile, Albert Sim also spoked about what he had learnt regarding changes in consumer path to purchase. According to him, consumers have moved on from the traditional 4A model of Aware, Attitude, Act and Act Again to the 5A model of Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act and Advocate.

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Dr. Lu shows the audience how the DMP system works.

Previously, it was sufficient for brands to just find out what motivates consumers and their needs. In the digital age, however, consumers have access to information from multiple sources and their purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by the information on their fingertips. Therefore, it is essential for brands to get the data source to be from the consumers themselves during strategy planning. Brands are not only required to know what consumers need, but also what they think of them. The changes in consumer behaviors inevitably give rise to the disruption of the marketing operations to what we know as the 5A model currently, Albert Sim explained.


Speaking on the DMP system, Dr. Lu said the Chinese platform is more centered on the consumers in its design and functions compared to the DMP system used in the US and other markets. Miaozhen believes that a DMP is the complete customer value management system due to its ability to help businesses consolidate multiple data sources in real time to glean consumer insights. By using data tagging, Miaozhen’s DMP provides a multidimensional analysis that incorporates various business scenarios to enhance data-driven insights.


Besides, Dr. Lu added the milestones of BSH first-party DMP since its launch on June 3, 2017. The first-party DMP, he said, is driven by consumer experience, using data to understand consumer behaviors to estimate marketing performances in order to maximize ROI.

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Meanwhile, Roland Gerke, Chairman and President of BSH RGC, gave an analogy that the value of DMP is like getting into the “minds” of consumers through data, to fully understand what Chinese consumers really want and use data as the vehicle for business growth.

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Christof Jaeger, Senior Vice President for Marketing BSH RGC , pointed out that DMP is useful in discovering consumer needs from the massive data trove. Through this process, brands can get a clearer picture of the word of mouth trends, market trends and their competitors. On the other hand, Jaeger acknowledged the effectiveness of Miaozhen’s KOL Truth in measuring the performance of the influencers.


The successful implementation of BSH Group’s first-party DMP is borne out of the affirmed effectiveness of the system in improving marketing efficiency, effective targeting and business growth. Being the world’s leading electrical manufacturer, the BSH Group envisions to be the pioneer in the field in embracing digital transformation to implement a data-driven strategy in its operations. As the long-term partner of the BSH Group, Miaozhen Systems’s high-tech analytics platform and competent team serve as an asset to help the German manufacturer derive a data-driven business strategy. BSH Group’s first-party DMP paves the way towards a fully digital transformation and development where data and technology become the driver in innovating marketing.